Conference Overview

OnTarget is a mega-conference of business leaders, practicing project managers, senior leaders in government and professional organizations, academicians and students of schools and colleges. The theme of this conference is “Leadership for Effective Project Management”. Seminars, discussions and interviews with eminent industry leaders will focus on impact of project management on achieving and sustaining growth in the organization.

  • The Student Track [Gyan Lahiri] – 8th February 2014
  • GyanLahiri is our initiative to work towards nurturing and building of Leadership competency among high school students typically from [Std IX, X, XII & XII]. We believe that leadership and innovation are essential for effective project management and it is a critical need for organizations, not only in India, but all over the world. These qualities are best developed in children before adolescence and identity formations set in and continue to be developed along the way, as they turn into adults.

    Our GyanLahiri program - has invited talks for students from experienced people in industry and academia as well as experiential learning via problem solving, projects also fun involving innovation, creativity and teamwork. Currently, started with well to do, established English medium schools, this program will grow to embrace vernacular, corporation as well as special schools for the differently challenged.

    This year also we have interschool competitions for Debate, as well as, short Skit competitions along with Quiz and Essay writing, at the event venue, which students are welcome to participate with due guidance of their teachers and parents. A list of participating schools as well as the guidelines and rules for the competition, etc. are included separately, with this letter. We wish to recognize and felicitate students who have excelled in any field, to encourage other students, too.
  • The Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) Track – 15th February 2014
    • NLP National Conference
      • Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a tool to utilize full potential of your brain. This track would contain series of presentations on utilizing NLP tool for your self-development and for achieving your goals.
  • The Professional Track [On Target - 2014] – 16th February  2014
  • Many senior managers from the region would participate in this track to discuss the best practices of project management. This main track of the conference is attended by professionals across industry and hosts talks by eminent industry leaders. This track is also broadcast live and is attended by large number of participants across the globe. Quiz competition based on Project Management knowledge and Best paper competition are also a part of this competition.

  • The Academic Track [On Campus - 2014] – 22nd February 2014
    • This conference track focus on Academia where the audience will comprise of students and academicians focusing on project management. There are seminars, discussions and lively competitions tailored to suit the audience and make them ready for becoming successful project managers in the future. This is an inter institute project competition for first and second year MBA students. The event provides an opportunity to MBA students to creatively contribute to business and social emphatic. The second year MBA students of various colleges and institutes in the region participate in the Best Project Competition, where they present their summer projects. The first year students participate in Paper Presentation Competiton.